IBM Rational Jazz Platform Installation Services

We provide to our customer a service to install a enterprise IBM Rational Jazz Platform on the local infrastructure if customer is not yet ready fro IBM SaaS version of the product. Depending on the needs of customer the services includes:

  • Planing (hardware, RAM, HDD, operating system, database, application server...)

  • Hardware Specification Discussion

  • Installation of Jazz Team Server Components depending on the purchased licenses and needed capabilities:

      • Jazz Team Server

      • CCM (main component for Rational Team Concert)

      • RM (main component for Rational DOORS Next Generation)

      • QM (main component for Rational Quality Manager)

      • JRS

      • LQE

      • RELM

      • RDM

      • GConfig

      • Link Index Provider

      • Proxy Server Sutup

Example Setup for smaller departments:

  • Database Setup Help

      • DB2 - coming for free in the installation package

      • Oracle

      • MS SQL

  • Application Server installation

      • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile (default)

      • IBM Websphere Server

      • Apache Tomcat

  • Authetification - user registry type

      • SSO

      • Active Directory

      • Kerberos

  • Data Warehouse Configuration

      • Jazz Reporting Services (JRS)

      • Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (Cognos) - ! IBM is phasing out the component

  • Performance tuning:

      • Java Heap (loading of correct amount of memory to the server)

      • Automatic Startup (for cases when server is being shutdown by some maintenance tasks

      • Startup script adjustment

      • Latency Measurement

  • Email Notifications setup

  • FixPacks

  • Download & Upload Permanent License

  • Certificates

  • Monitoring Service

Duration of the Service is 2-5 days and is depending on the complexity, number of users, number of needed component and other factors which influence the time. Standard complexity duration is 3 days.

Please contact us if you require any informations about this service.