Course Descriptions

The Systems Engineering foundations course provides a solid background of the core Systems Engineering discipline. Including learning and practicing the application of Systems Engineering methodologies, enhancing know-how with an interactive workshop and covering detailed use cases.
The course attendance is strictly limited to a ratio of no greater than 6:1 Participants: Presenters, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the training. Given that Systems Engineering needs to be tailored to each Participant's unique needs, increasing the Presenter's availability per Participant, is a key quality measure of this training course.
In addition, an evening meal with the course presenters is included in the course fees.

Learning Outcomes

• To know the origins of Systems Engineering and application of the role.
• To speak competently about the discipline of Systems Engineering.
• To know how to apply Systems Engineering methodologies to complex project developments.
• To know how to optimize Systems Engineering on your project.
• To assess the scope of applying for Systems Engineering professional accreditation, ASEP or CSEP.


3 days

Delivered By

Seb Klabes
Mike Johnson